Financing business growth: How to create a framework for success

Report: Financing business growth: Making sure your finances measure up

Download our report and learn how to ensure self-financeable growth without external support


Growth is the eternal, ongoing challenge facing all organisations, individuals and economic actors. Raising the revenue, profile and respectability of your organisation is not only attractive – it is essential for corporate survival. What is needed is a framework to identify and manage the level of growth that a company’s cash flow can support. To do this, leaders must understand their self-financeable growth rate (SFG). 


By filling in the form and downloading our report, Financing business growth: Making sure your finances measure up, you will learn how an experienced Finance Director will help you:


  • Chart a balance between generating additional capital through growth and consuming it 
  • Help leaders understand their SFG 
  • Assess their operating cash cycle 
  • Map out potential pitfalls 

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Planning for the future of your company, when to scale up, when to undertake business opportunities and deals, can be tricky if you don’t have the senior-level finance experience and insight in house to understand how budgets, cash flow and overheads can impact your plans. With FD Outsource, you can access established Finance Director expertise that will maximise your profitability and ensure growth at a fraction of the cost of an internal employee.  Invest in your company’s future by getting in touch with us today. 


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